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"Custom Made Furniture Quality in BUTCHER BLOCKS"

"85 Wood Species Available"


 Always Made in The U.S.A.

OFFICE Telephone:  888-856-1965

FAX Telephone:  888-346-3337

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Much of the Peruvian Walnut does not make
the best lengths.

Nikki's-C's Restaurant in
Pasadena, CA  91107

Building EDGE Grain American Walnut Tables...

FLAT Grain Douglas Fir Reclaimed Stucco Boards

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Received a solid grey stain under a
conversion varnish - satin sheen.
Being manufactured by us.


END GRAIN Hickory Pecan
In an undisclosed location 92663

So the sample is too perfect and random 
wood END Grain is still Random!

EDGE Grain American Black Walnut
36" x 30" x 1-3/8"
Tables with a finish by others.

The Equator Restaurant
Pasadena, CA

EDGE Grain Walnut
12' Length x 44" Width x 1-3/4" Thickness

Sherman Oaks, CA


EDGE Grain American Black Walnut
60" Length x 48" Width x 2-1/4" Thickness

Indio, CA


EDGE Grain American Walnut

3 "L" Milled and running all the same direction,
BUT the Bar is 
opposite direction.

Irvine, CA 
Nov. 29, 2014

American Cherry and Soft Maple
Nov. 24, 2014

CUSTOM Made American Cherry and Soft Maple for a
Harbor City, CA Townhome.

Radius noses on Bar End.

 Sink cut off site with templates completed earlier.

Notch into Glass block sill, see photo below finished.

Before the Cherry and Maple California Butcher Block

6' x 6' x 1-1/2"
EDGE Grain American Black Walnut Custom.

Father and son team "The Mihic's"
Thank you for the great work in Manufacturing & Installation!

Displaying IMG_58361.jpg

November 7, 2014

EDGE Grain with small cute apron sink
installed by Homeowner.

American Black Domestic Walnut
SIZE: 132" Length x 96" Width x 1-1/2" Thick

Scott Caputo our team player for our templates!!

If you don't like the 1,000 photos and the problem with the slow site tell me....but you got here so FAR TO tell me!

We will return 4 days before the clients move in and touch sand and tune up the "California Butcher Block".

Making a quick FLAT Grain sample for
Sunshine Construction in Concord, CA.

2 different projects requiring Distressed 
Walnut California Butcher Blocks!!

Thank you for the great samples!

November 4, 2014

EDGE Grain Eastern Hard Maple
40" Length x 38" Width x 3" Thick
Real Chopping Butcher Block California Butcher Block

Glendale, CA

5 Eastern Hard Maple Kitchen with Counters and an Island
with stove cut out.

15'-6" Full length Eastern Hard ROCK Maple
For the under mount sink.

Oct. 15, 2014
EDGE Grain American Black Walnut

We found out the island was 2" longer so we cut on site to
make the overall length correct.

South O.C.
Flat Grain American Black Walnut
108" x 74" x 1-1/2"

"Yes" The Thing from the Adams Family

AAA Cutting Boards
Walnut / Maple

Scraping off the loose glue so we don't clog the drum sander.
Not cheese!

Under the Maple / Walnut Blocks is the 9' x 50" x 3" 
EDGE Grain Walnut

Pizza Bar in the MGM for AAA Cutting Boards.
Your stripe Design and I love to Make the Blocks too!!

All mixed jobs and have been SUPER Busy, came back from
Fresno on a one day Turn-Around!!


Ramiro Ibbarra Businessman and Stephen Kfoury our Fresno trip up and back in 1 day on Sept. 20, 2014.

Remember THIS Is A Delivery.....Who was not doing their job?

Ramiro great Delivery and fixing the wrong height in Dishwasher 2" too tall to completely change the day?
California Butcher Block delivery.

96-1/4" Length x 42" Width x 2-1/4" Thick

Off to the Drum Sander....

Cutting off 3" in Width to make a clean and balanced outside =
1.75" @ 3" Thick.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627
EDGE Grain Walnut
For our homeowners in Mesa Verde.

"Little out of focus"

Fairbanks Ranch, San Diego, CA 92130

"Stratton Studio's in La Jolla, CA"

August 22, 2014

My Flag Ship American Black Walnut California Butcher Blocks.
2-1/4" Thick.
Oiled finish and top and bottom edges radiused @ 1/8" r. 

Repair, nice knot fell out during sanding.

My speciality running the EDGE Grain the same direction and no
45 degree glue joints or edge and end grain glue ups,
clean look and new.

Template in Fresno, CA
Thanks Scott Caputo to join me in the California Valley.

Plumbing alittle too high for sink.

This will be an under mount sink and it's big for the opening, and the cabinet will be sanded in width to make it fit!

Corona, California
Kitchen Island only remodel.

Wow!! Nice Walnut Edge Grain - Oiled.

Our newly re cut Bit.

Run the BIG Router Bit to make Top Edge Detail.

Trimming to fit the correct size....

Out of clamps and you are seeing me make this here in the O.C.,
not a overseas product: MADE IN THE U.S.A.

What we just finished this last weekend!!
See manufacturing photos below....
FLAT Grain Counters...1 Piece Only 132" x 48" x 1-5/8"    and 
EDGE Grain Island 89" x 36" x 2" .... Stove cut out, with bar overhang.

I did the Guest House Counters
40 La Senda Drive, Laguna Beach, CA  92651
Manufacturing and Installation.

"1" of MY   B-E-S-T   FLASH BACKS in Studio City, CA"
3 years ago in our Zebrawood Flat Grain

Flash Back....From 2011
Clinton Place ~ B.H., CA

Killer Bar Top:
EDGE Grain American Walnut

Nativeson Alehouse
Opening in July 2014
Art District of Santa Ana, CA

Call for reservations:
(714) 204-0337

15 Day Build

I only had 13' full length Walnut Boards in stock and
needed I needed 9'.

2 Walnut EDGE Grain
Undisclosed Location in Los Angeles, CA  90048

Larry Silva always a Smile everyday!!

Look at the MAGIC from Sticks of Walnut to the end results!

Thanks guys I needed samples from this 14' long Walnut Edge Grain Custom Plank.

1/2" Radius top edge and 1/8" Radius bottom and 4 Verticals.

Buffing Block!

Adam Rimon and Jose installed their own block.

The hardest install, even I made a Free Template, the walls and alcove is never straight.
Only off by an 1/8" and the block did not fit the first time.

Also there was 2 Blocks, and 1 for the island in the kitchen!

The left side wall is missing the filler up to the cabinet.

The plywood will be removed and the legs will be attached to the 42" x 42" x 2.25" Walnut EDGE Grain California Butcher Block, both Oiled with Howard's.

June 14, 2014

Rocker Cabinet Top Walnut Butcher Block an unspecified location of T.O." 
My final photo shown below.

June 11, 2014

Stratton Studios ~ La Jolla, CA
Call Lance for a Great Kitchen Project and his excellent eye for detail.

90" x 5" x 2-1/4"
Edge Grain Walnut in our cutting stages

Franco for quality control, no wood wasting and better lay outs for
best yield American Black Walnut.

End of May...not yet posted: FLAT Grain Hickory - Pecan Project.

EDGE Grain Hickory-Pecan Underneath for Center Kitchen Island.

We went back AND checked on the counter top and new cabinets,
we added a depth to accommodate a wider
FLAT Grain Hickory-Pecan, see the in shop manufacturing of the remodeling of the new counter.

Really this got installed as 1 Big Piece, 2 Non Bearing Walls Slightly.

Cutting of drop in stove by others....shown here.

"Proof Bakery"
Ask for Mac

96" Length x 45" Width  x 2" Thick
"Never Mind his Hard Maple Butcher Block" go to and have a delicious Breakfast & Lunch at:

In Clamps....just in the rough staging and will be ready in a week!
Tons of sanding on Eastern White Hard Maple, domestic lumber.

and Oiling for Bakery & Food Safe to last a minimum of 500 years with
little and practical maintenance.

Shown here the backside.
After our drum sanding on our 48" Full Width Machine.

1/8" Radius Edges Not Oiled yet, following pictures with oil.

We are not too serious when these guys just carried in a 900 pound Eastern Hard White Maple
California Butcher Block...even Randy Landis my friend would like this 1 !!

My business also allows for after hours installation to a
metal frame table at 6:30 pm.

Thanks Scott Caputo [Professional All Tech Cameraman]
and Jesse Hotchkiss [Scenic Professional Painter
for the 
Entertainment Industry]

July 3 2014

EDGE Grain Walnut
Newest Santa Ana Restaurant
Nativeson Alehouse

1 Year Anniversary on July 14, 2015 with Jon - Owner.

Just finishing the interior before the measuring of the bar in 40' of American Walnut....see our process!

Our love of the manufacturing in Anahiem in our 25,000 square feet state of the art facility.

Too tall for the under ground parking structure.

Laying down Steel with Scott the man and of course
Jon Scanchez - President!!

Not much seating on a construction site.....who snuck this photo in?? who is thinking out of the box??!!

Trying the Fit!

What a Puddy mess....Clark and Slobodan have the technique down!!

Owners of our bars love to install....getting their hands dirty!

Our recommended finish:  Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner.

June 2014

Harbor View Hills, Newport Beach, CA  92660.

EDGE Grain again 
American Walnut & Oiled.....again!
Thank you "Bill Angel" @ Doc. Remodel.

First met Bill in 1985 on Balboa!!

108" Length x 42-3/4" Width x 2"

Who do you Call....Walnut Busters!!
Our Best Walnut Busters!!

March 28, 2014

8/4 Jatoba Lumber at 19' full lengths
EDGE Grain Butcher Block

Rough stage before glue and further manufacturing..

This is leftover wood not making the grade.

Lots of glue!!

and the drum sander.

EDGE Grain
51" x 51" x 2"
Been Oiled by All Finishing Solutions


Smith-Project Manager

Hickory - Pecan Lumber from our Lumber Co.

Drum sanding 220 Peices, we received lumber from 1-3/4" to 1/16" shy so every stick was
drum sanded to perfection!
[You will see why this is so important to do the manufacturing correct]

Some perfectly good sticks to to the Wood Carver, that do not make the correct widths @ 1-1/2"
board widths.

A day trip to Oakland to meet with
CONCRETEWORKS in person before the project started.

5 days and in 10 days early.

"45 Degree Integrated ~ Hickory Pecan & Concrete Water Fall leg."
All final installations completed by Concreteworks.

2 additional shelving pieces went to Ian Wickum
at San Francisco Millworks on the Peninsula.

Aaron Robinson ordered from us

What is our Flag Ship END GRAIN Butcher Blocks do for our business.....make our clients happy.

We deliver on our company trucks
same day delivery.
Anaheim, CA to Santa Cruz, CA

168-1/2" Length x 66" Width x  2.5" Th.
EDGE Grain Custom Made by
California Butcher Block

I will have the sink face milled to accept Apron Sink.


Feb 4, 2014

Some of our New Products are in finger joint:


I have great new project in Idyllwild, CA

Thanks Jim, I am waiting on your kitchen photos!!

EDGE Grain Maple in our New Finger Joint
San Clemente, CA

Jan 9, 2014
EDGE Grain Black American Walnut in manufacturing.

Oct. 1, 2013
Contra Costa County
Reclaimed FLAT Grain Black American Walnut Chopping Block.

Oct 4, 2013

Big Hacenida Heights Kitchen EDGE Grain WALNUT
144" Length x 67" Width x 3" Thick

August 23, 2013
Not your typical bathroom vanity!
Thanks Rob Parry, a General Contractor from 
"Building Trades Network"

25" Wide x 24" Width x 3" Thick 
EDGE Grain Black American WALNUT.

June 26, 2013
EDGE Grain Walnut
Made with as much Sap - requested.

93" Length x 29" Width x 1-3/8" Thickness
1990's Royal Blue Tile - Demo
Install by M.A.C.C.
Thanks for the field cut out for the stove and a full trim of a Maple below old tile.

July 9, 2013
Our Cherry match on this 10' Length x 18" Width x 1-1/2" Thick

"Yesterday's Project"

June 25, 2013

21032 Marino Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Property for Sale

"After above and below on the installed by Licensed G.C. Rob Parry "

EDGE Grain Oiled - American Black Walnut
 63" Length x 32" Width x 2" Thick

"Before with self made island counter in tile "
Can you say Upgrade from Floor Tile to a
California Butcher Block

June 20, 2013

EDGE Grain Walnut
All Oiled
Convex End
150" Length x 65" Width x 2-1/4" Thick with
a corner desk 4' x 2' x 2-1/4"
Another Nice, project for us from Lance at Stratton Studio!

"Rob Parry" 
General Contractor: B1 License # 534470

I had to place this END Grain Walnut here.
A perfect Ca Block
delivered to a 1900's era cottage.

June 11, 2013


Wood Species on Display in Butcher Blocks
Alder, Australian Cypress, Nat Birch, Bubinga, American Cherry, Mesquite, African Mahogany, White and Natural Maple, Ribbon Sipo, American Black Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Pine, Purpleheart, Tigerwood, FEQ Teak, Zebrawood.

40 more Lumber Species now in manufacturing in the exotics -
will be displayed in JUNE 2013.
See the Showroom Tab for the updated species.

Durability: Hand Made Custom - Made to Last Generations!

GLUE: Titebond II or for Industrial Applications: Titebond III.

Preferred Cabinets
Julie Allen of Lake Forest, CA
EDGE GRAIN WALNUT ~ Stained to match dining rm., table.
Coto de Caza, CA 92679

August 6, 2013

June 15, 2013

EDGE Grain
for a local Wood Celebrity in Southern California

Installing Tuesday of next week.

Underside photo for recessed hand copper sink

Our Butcher Block Block and Kitchen Design by
Susan Thiel Coon
Tel. (949) 226-9664

If this looks easy - 2 words....Good Luck!


June 1-3, 2013

Thank you Marla Whittaker
"Sizzler" Photo shoot on Tuesday!

I received the call for a EDGE Grain Calif. Butcher Block, needed in 3 days.
This was going to be a problem because a big fat unit of lumber was due in on Monday, from REEL LUMBER SERVICE in Anaheim, CA

"Visual Sherpa" had their foot against Ms. Whittaker tail feathers to find a
Walnut Block NOT pre made in the state in 3 days!!

I asked the shop to stop the other 3 rush projects for PDI prison table samples and do my 1 day EDGE Grain Walnut Block N O W !!

36" Length x 24" Width x 1-1/2" Thick


May 28, 2013

Another great looking project....
Matt Morris Development, Inc.
and Hartmark Cabinets, Chino, CA

724 33rd Street ~ Manhattan Beach, CA 92065

Favorite Sea Foam Blue!

EDGE Grain Walnut
Oiled by a Howard's product ~ All Made in California.

132-1/2" Length x 58-1/8" Width  x 1-1/2" Thick

June 10, 2013

Going to look like this....
Our preferred vendor for installation on June 27, 2013.
4 weeks from start to finish on our part.

Same as this EDGE Grain Walnut - below....

I oiled this on site and it was also glaring in the windows on the bay sunshine.
Back in 2011.

May 28, 2013

75" Length x 37" Width x 3" Thick
END Grain Walnut

Meerker Cabinets of Upland, CA
Thanks Scott for the beautiful project!

On site to be oiled - wait til it gets the treatment and the
END Grain Walnut will look outstanding!


Remodeling by RANCHO REMODEL
 and Mr. Scott Meeker

Location: 91604
Started on April 30, 2013

Nice sized Kitchen Island, with under mount sink:
EDGE Grain Walnut
Conversion Varnish Dull 5% Sheen

My type of CA Butcher Block
89" Length x 63" Width x 1-3/4" Thick
Under mount sink cut out.
L.A., Scott template maker.
Scott is out token cameraman.
Great job Scott!

Installation by others Friday / May 31, 2013!!

See the meticulous job of buffing the stainless sink, a dingy old stainless
back to a great shine!

See here the matching bar pony wall and back block in EDGE Grain Walnut.

Photo from last week - going in the line of finish by All Finishing Solutions.

Studio City, CA 91604

MAY 17, 2013

We enjoy Food Shows!

We don't take any credit for the massive counters under the 1-1/2" thick
California Butcher Block.
Natural White Maple EDGE Grain.
5 Days on a special milling on the drawings by
Scenic Express ~ North Hollywood, CA 90065


Channel 4 NBC

Shop Photo's

Project in Simi Valley, CA
EDGE Grain
Jatoba aka brazilian cherry

96" Length x 42" Width x 2-1/2"



September 2009

I had to re post this Super Nice Project in Hollywood, CA

EDGE Grain Maple
16'-3" Length x 40" Width x 2" Thick
Oiled by the Howard's Products.

Natural Maple

May 2, 2013

KPorter Design Studio
Carlsbad, CA
Project: San Diego, CA
38" Length x 38" x 2"
EDGE Grain Oiled American Black Walnut

Hello Stephen Kfoury / The Estimator

April 30, 2013

Fast Counter Tops and an Island in 15 days, see start to almost installed,
Super Project!!
More templating in Westlake Village, CA

Lumber for the Island @ 2-1/2" Thick


Standard Finish: Dull Sheen, not recommended around water.
CENTER ISLAND with Apron Sink.

May 5, 2013

Sink cut out on 2-1/2" Thick
EDGE Grain Walnut~Custom~Hand~Made, not like Import Production Blocks,
we use [Titebond III] Glue.
Radius inside corners following the center line of
the small lipped very heavy sink.
Lowest moisture in the industry @ 8-12%.

The Chef Depot Delight!
An under mount sink, weighs in as heavy as this EDGE Grain
American Black Walnut 98" Length x 41" Width x 2-1/2" Thick Island.

Top Edges: 1/2" radius
4 Verticals and Bottom Edges: 1/4" radius.

Installation by client in Westlake Village.
Conversion Varnish: Dull Sheen.
Just shot minutes ago - 
May 10, 2013.

April 2013

Delivered on May 30, 2013

Push the Plunger and Blow up the Orange Stone Counters!!

EDGE Grain American Black Walnut

 Oil product by:

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner

Food Grade Mineral Oil & Natural Waxes

  • Exceeds U.S. FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food
  • Revitalizing blend prevents drying and cracking of hardwoods and softwoods
  • Natural waxes provide another level of protection.

GRAIN DIRECTION Flows with the counter top direction so no angles on the joint connection.

 Waiting for client installation.

Before the luan template phase.

April 12, 2013

Michell Storay Designer
Project in WEST IRVINE: Irvine, CA 92602
EDGE Grain Hard Maple

April 10, 2013

EDGE Grain Walnut
2-54" Length x 48" Width x 1-1/2"
Finish will be Carbon Coat Dull Sheen
"Table Top"

The 2 EDGE Grain CA. Butcher Blocks Non-The-Same:
Different outcomes below, like a finger print, different seasons of growth, different trees, different cuts from the same log.
The 2 below are Oiled.

March 10,2013

END Grain American Cherry
2 Butcher Blocks
We know that the finger print of the END Grain will look different!
See American Cherry END Grain Tab for installation pictures
April 1, 2013

Looking forward to the outcome right before Easter.
38" Width x 36" Width x 3"

Before Oil by Howard's Butcher Block Contioner.

 On the Install, we were told by Bruce at Le Gourmet Kitchen
it was a Cabinet, no one said in a cubby-hole.
Smart move that Stan made the END Grain American Cherry block
an 1/8" smaller in both directions - it would have been a
Oh my moment...

Ok, what side is the top?
The bottom.

After Oiled.

March 7, 2013

The Kitchen and Bath Studio
403 E. Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel. 805-304-2867
Kristen Spann
We cut out the drop in stove and oiled the top again for good measure.

EDGE Grain Black American Walnut

Great Scott: Another EDGE Grain
California Butcher Block
Installed by Rob Parry Construction.
Drop in stove, cut on site.
SIZE: 92" Length x 42" Width x 3" Thick

March 2, 2013

EDGE Grain Walnut with Howard's Oil with wax.
74-1/4" Length x 41-1/2" Width x 2-1/2" Thick

"New Client"
La Palma Avenue, CA  92806

New for February 26, 2013

EDGE Grain Walnut with Howard's Oil with wax.
77" Length x 30" Width x 2" Thick

David Allen-Owner and NEW CLIENT

Preferred Kitchen & Bath

22600 Lambert Street #709 
Lake Forest, California 92630

Sample of 3" EDGE Grain California Butcher Block

EDGE Grain American Walnut
Manufactured and Installed in Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 31, 2013

Thank you!!
Tony P., The BEST BLOCK FOR 2013

94" Length x 71" Width x 2-1/2" Thick
Walnut EDGE Grain

This will be a good 650 pounds, we are delivering on Monday to
Palos Verdes Estates.
We finished the underneath with General Finish 
water based compliant VOC's and field finish by others.
We prepared the surface ready for finish and filled the
pin knots with Mohawk Expoxy.

Our lumber selection to finish and installation.
 FLAT Grain 
Walnut Butcher Block
Lemon Grove, CA
Jan. 25, 2013

Stan's Handywork
Under Mount Sink Cut on sample block.

Thanks Glen great work!
EDGE Grain Walnut - Oiled by Howard's Products.

Again another very favorite!!
Oiled only - EDGE Grain Walnut.
Only 9' length x 55" width x 1.5" thick
Matt Morris Development

Very cool project with smooth lines and the Colonial white
cabinets, walls and ceilings.

Wenge Edge Grain
"Wear Gloves"
The most splintery wood I have ever encountered!!
A custom counter top EDGE Grain with 2 double end caps.
"Hold on to your ideas on this 1, I learned a lot of challenges
that make the 90 degree cove, carved out the inside square corners."

The 2 tops very tough to make, a lot of hours on the milling, perfect
use of the CNC, many hours of hand carving.
Try 10k next time! 

Loves his project find him commenting at.....
Wenge EDGE Grain Jeff Stewart works at Hensen Phelps in project management.
Home Location @ 6572 Kilda Cir Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Sept. 26-28, 2012
This is happening this week in Phoenix, AZ
54' Lengths @ 3" Thick Walnut California Butcher Block.
Some wild brackets to router out the bottom for attachment.
Assembly end to end, some small pin knots and cracks to fill,
router out top and bottom and oiling on site.

28 hours for installation in 3 days!


March 5, 2014

Equator Cafe
22 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA

16 EDGE Grain Tables
John Best Ordered for the "Set Dressers"

Old bar tables.....NEW EDGE Grain Walnut Tables in Custom Finger Jointed.

Friday in Pasadena, CA
In plant, underside....
Maple Edge Grain

This is my favorite California Butcher Block of all TIME!
Client: Gary Baker G.C.
Redlands, CA
SIZE: 120" Length x 55" Width x 2.25" Thick 

9' Length x 58" Width x 2.5" Thick

Contractor: Charles Lee Project 
Los Angeles, CA
Showing with no finish.
13' Length x 50" Width x 1.5" Thick

Great Big Walnut Edge Grain
22' Length x 42" Width x 4" Thick
Water Fall Legs

Corona del Mar, CA 92625
Thanks Chef T. Flood
UPDATE: 1 Additional Oiled Kitchen Blocks
SIZE: & USE: Bread Dough Making Block 134-1/8" x 31" x 2.25"
SIZE: Chopping Block 47" x 40" x 3"

I-phone Photo from our client in historical Lafayette Square of Los Angeles where significant homes are protected for generations to come. 
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Started Aug. 31 Finished Oct. 3 2012
Santa Maria, Portolo Valley, CA 94028
Pictures of Templates for confirmed size and locations.
Flat Grain Walnut Project.
Full Length counter at sink area at 14'-6" with dog leg hook 1 piece.
Oiled with wax and vinyl bottom sealer.
August 30, 2012

New Edge Grain Jatoba CA Butcher Block's detail's.

  shipping today to Los Gatos, CA

New Project and New Contractor: Alert Soof 
Tel. 310-469-2484

  Future Walnut Flat Flat Grain
128" Length x 58" Width x 1-1/2" Thick

Delivery to La Jolla, CA  92037
Gathering table and chopping block for the family and guests.
This 14,409 square foot single family home has 6 bedrooms and 5.0 bathrooms. It is located on 1700 block on La Jolla Rancho Rd La Jolla, California
Aug. 15, 2012

Thanks guys...the 4 verticals would look better if it matched my drawing above?
Thanks for the fix!

OK - Your Off the hook, that is better!!
Super Nice Routering!!
"Thanks Guys -GREAT WORK"
Yes it's a little wet looking we applying Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner to make it a Chopping Block.

July 23, 2012
Edge Grain Maple
Oiled with Beeswax by Howard's.
Salvador Bay, Dana Point, CA 92629

July 20, 2012
Pinnacle Custom Homes
Project on 1117 6th St Coronado, CA 92118

Super Fine: Edge Grain Oiled Walnut Butcher Block
San Diego, Chula Visa, Carlsbad, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Solana, Del Mar, Beach Communities

Tatum Construction LLC
109" Length x 48" Width x 2" Thick
California Butcher Block; Oiled with Beeswax by Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner.
Hollywood, CA 90068

Yes we all worked on July 6, 2012!

Historic La Fayette Square
Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, CA 90019

Flat or Face Grain Walnut California Butcher Block
64" Length x 37" Width x 2-1/2" Thick

New Project....
Sept. 6, 2012
3520 East Coast Highway

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625-2403225

(949) 675-5556

Kitchen Concept.
Beginning phases, New Block in the Works, Continuous Wood Stringers.

Maple Dough Making Block at Landmark Restaurant.

Edge Grain Eastern Hard Maple 4'6" Length x 3'-6" Width x 1-1/2" Thick

This original client wanted a 1-1/2" thick with a skirt, 
I made it a full 3" solid. Skirt.

Great Mix of Sap and Heart to create an interesting and original Edge Grain Walnut, Finished with a Very Flat Sheen in Full Fill Clear Natural look.
Client: Mike Marquand, Irvine, CA
Project Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Length nearly 10' and over 4' wide.

"Edge Grain Walnut"
Going to the Finishers
Architectural Finishing in Anaheim, CA

  Originally 1/8" Radius Edges, too sharp and this is 1/4" everywhere.
This is the most White "Sap" and Dark "Heart" we have done on request.
The finish request will be Full Fill "DULL" looks like Oil with the highest durability, but not a chopping block finish, a table top. 85% of all finishes have been the Conversion Varnish, and more photo's to arrive next week, July 11, 2012.

72" Length x 32" Width x 5" Thick
Edge Grain Walnut CA Butcher Block
Thanks to clients starting with:
Gary owner of Hartmark Cabinets, Chino, CA

For The Smith Residence of Encino, CA
Local L.A. Lonni Paul Interior Designer
Runner-up on the 4th season on HDTV

Thanks IVC Cabinets, in Anaheim, CA 92805
 For this beautiful South Orange County Project
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Edge Grain Maple CA Butcher Block
Wow Birdseye and Pillow Grain on the edges!
Flat Sheen Conversion Varnish by All Finishing Solutions/Anaheim, CA
67" Length x 44-1/2" x 2"

New Los Altos, CA
Flat Grain Walnut Grain
9' Length x 4-1/2' x 2-1/2"
Stock starts at 12/4 Quarter @ 3" thick in rough.

This magazine photo is the vision of the Los Altos Flat Grain/Flat Sawn
Medium Walnut Stain matched color sample.
Soon to be traveling and installed this month: June 23, 2012.

: Lorenzo Medina

The Nicest 15' Length x 3' Width x 2.5" Thick
Edge Grain Natural Birch
Large square under mount sink cut out.
Best template by Lenenzo-Zero!
Project on Cedar, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Installation on Friday June 8, 2012



"Look at the figured grain in the Natural Birch, the Grain is jumping off the Block!!"


Completed June 8, 2012

May 2012
Last week, filling in the backside for the over hanging bar.
Mingstan Development LLC
Jeff Chaung
3833 Naughton Avenue, Belmont CA 94002
74" Length x 65" Width x 2" Thick
Superior Alder - Carbon Coat Full Fill
1/4" Radius edges, top, bottom and verticals.

House under Construction



I will have a completed photo in August 20123833 W Naughton Ave, Belmont, CA 94002
3833 W Naughton Ave, Belmont, CA 94002

After Photo in July.

On the way to the finisher 3 miles from plant.

Jeff we waiting to see the Superior Alder CA BUTCHER BLOCK unwrapped!!
3833 W Naughton Ave, Belmont, CA 94002
3833 W Naughton Ave, Belmont, CA 94002

Rimon Construction "Adam"
Marina del Rey, CA
96" Length x 36" Width x 2-1/2" Thick
Edge Grain Walnut
Flat Sheen
Made especially by California Butcher Block.



Made by California Butcher Block.
Undisclosed location on Sunset Blvd., Brentwood, CA 90049
END Grain "JATOBA": 965 Blocks, We build it different today.
Oil and beeswax by Howard's.

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